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Evolving Leadership Training

For the past fifteen years, the Center for the Health Professions has trained leaders and emerging leaders in health systems throughout California and across the nation. We are very proud of the individual and collective contributions our alumni are making in health care. In order to maintain the high bar we’ve set for ourselves to provide relevant and effective curriculum, we have continuously evaluated our training programs. Learn More »


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Healing Communication: Enhancing the Patient Experience

As providers, we sometimes need to refocus away from our own busyness and hurriedness and be aware of what the recipients of our communication are seeing. Some feedback we get from patient focus groups and surveys is that patients perceive that the doctor is in a rush and does not have time to hear what they have to say. The goal is to help providers see what the patient is seeing.

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California’s Health Care Workforce: Readiness for the ACA Era

Author: Timothy Bates, Lisel Blash, Susan Chapman, Catherine Dower, Ed O'Neil

REPORT: This report explores the current and future capacity of California’s health care workforce to meet the challenges of implementing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).