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If you follow the headlines about the healthcare workforce, concerns about people shortages, unmet training needs, and maldistribution are very familiar. Digging a little deeper, we start to understand the complexity and nuances of the issues... Learn More »


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Leading Paradigm Change in Labor and Delivery

The idea of working in midwifery was something of an epiphany for Hutchison. She had graduated Yale University with a degree English literature in 1983. While working in HIV care in Boston, she had a chance encounter with a practicing midwife on an elevator at a hospital where she was employed. Something about the midwife’s description of her work captivated Hutchison and she wanted to know more.

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Leadership in Action: The Role and Impact of the CHCF Health Care Leadership Program’s California Health Improvement Project (CHIP)

Author: Sally Durgan, Angela Marks, Elizabeth Mertz, Sunita Mutha, Cynthia Wides

This report provides an overview of the CHCF Health Care Leadership Program and a summary of results from an assessment of the process and impact of a key component of the program, the California Health Improvement Project (CHIP).