Advancing the Allied Health Workforce in California

The allied health professions together represent over 60% of the total health care workforce. Career opportunities in allied health cover a wide range and as a result attract a diverse population of students and practitioners. These professions face significant future challenges ranging from shortages to demands for new competencies. 

Beginning in 1998, the Center for the Health Professions at UCSF has recognized the importance of these professions and dedicated a portion of its research and programming interest to understanding and addressing the needs of these professions in California and the nation.

This project, Advancing the Allied Health Workforce, focuses on building a diverse and culturally competent allied health workforce in California. It includes a regional assessment of recent trends in the diversity of allied health graduates compared to the regional population and the current workforce. We examine the supply of educational programs and the numbers of graduates, as well as the demand for allied health workers. Technical assistance is provided to foundation program staff, state policymakers, other researchers, educational institutions, the media, and others.

Regional Reports

As part of the regional assessment of trends in the allied health workforce throughout California, this project will produce a series of reports detailing the research findings. The objective of this series of reports is to describe and analyze the demographic composition of three principal groups in each of The California Endowment regions: the general population, the current health professions workforce, and graduates of selected allied health education programs. The first two reports are now available below to download!

Allied Health Workforce Analysis: San Diego Region (June 2008) (pdf)

Allied Health Workforce Analysis: Los Angeles Region (May 2008) (pdf)


This project is supported by a grant from The California Endowment.


Teaching Cultural Competence in Allied Health Professions in California

Authors: Timothy Bates, Melanie Chan, Susan Chapman, Fred Donini-Lenhoff, Ed O'Neil

This issue brief assesses the availability of cultural competence curricula in allied health programs in California.